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I'm sure you are wondering if a $28 product can compare at all to a thing that cost nearly 10 times the retail price. The answer is definitely yes. I have the Clarisonic Mia - which is the top of the line for their brand, hence before you decide to spend the money on the two, I’ll execute a side-by-side evaluation for you. Mind you, I am very happy with my Clairsonic. Here goes:

Dimensions: The Olay Pro-X is approximately 1 / 2 the size of the actual Clarisonic. This is really more suitable in many ways. Its easier to hold, light-weight, it fits in my bathe caddy easily with out dropping, you possibly can travel with it very easily. I think this is my personal favorite element concerning the dissimilarities. It also may make the brush head much smaller, which has a unique outcome. Of course, the generator is at least 1 / 2 the dimension as well, and this consequences how it feels. I can't actually point out it is better or worse as opposed to Clarisonic, it’s simply just unique. It really is for instance receiving a Sweedish massage (Olay) as opposed to a deep tissues massage therapy (Clarisonic).

Detox Items: The Olay cleaning system offers tiny granules and it is exfoliating. The Clarisonic cleansers are generally pastes and the particularly say that you can not use exfoliating cleansers along with granules on theirs - almost certainly because the motor is usually more powerful and it can scratch your epidermis. I seriously preferred the way my own epidermis felt immediately after using the Olay system. I noticed sparkling clean and my own epidermis was glowing.

Versatility: This is where I enjoy my Clarisonic far more. Since i have purchased the professional, I can also utilize it on my overall body, and still have numerous size brush heads and adjust the timing. Would it be worth 10x more the cost? Possibly not. The Olay Pro-X features two rates of speed, you actually don’t have the need for more than that. However I do absolutely love having the alternative of using the complete body brush on the Clarisonic. Also, there's somewhat more control while using Clarisonic because it is sturdier, the ProX can slide a bit, however not excessively. You can still retain some restrain with the Por-X however not as much.

Charging: The Pro-X employs two double-A batteries that it is sold with. It had been a struggle to take the power supply case off, although when I did it turned out great, also it doesn’t require recharging that frequently. I prefer the top power packs in the world, and I’m good to go for a number of weeks. The Clarisonic features a recharging holder that you simply plug in the walls, you don’t require to change the battery packs, but you need to find a location at your residence to park it for an hour or so each week. I favor keeping the twin A standard rechargeable choice of the Olay. It also makes it much easier to travel with.

Please be aware: It isn't that easy to discover how to mount the electric batteries, and you will find no guidelines. You do not wish to yank open the wrong component of your item for fear of smashing it. I had to phone the company to work it out.

The bottom line: I believe the Olay Pro-X is actually a steal. For anyone who is on the fence regarding which to obtain this or the Clarisonic, and you only want it for your facial skin and not your whole body, you will probably be much better off saving your dollars and going with this! Personally, I'm glad I have both. That is certainly worth the investment!